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Garrett Honeycutt has been hacking *nix based systems and spreading the merits of open source software for over fifteen years. He began using Puppet in 2007 while building out a national carrier grade VoIP system. Previously he has worked on such things as building core internet infrastructure for an ISP, creating mobile media distribution platforms, and was as a Professional Services Engineer with Puppet Labs working with customers around the world helping them with Puppet, DevOps processes, and project management. Currently he is Puppet Architect at Ericsson in Stockholm where he coordinates with and mentors those writing puppet code for their global R&D sites.

Regularly presenting on open source topics, Garrett has had the opportunity to speak at various user groups including GSLUG, CINLUG, Indy.rb, PuppetNYC, SFDevOps, and NYCDevOps. He has also presented at almost every US Linux Fest, LOAD, Cascadia IT Conf, OSCON, and Flourish and internationally in Russia, Belgium, Czech Republic, India, Switzerland and Australia.